MANI is the hair salon open to all genders in Ebisu, Tokyo. We provide both bold hairstyle and daily hairstyle.
Come and enjoy the quality time with us!


Masanari Nii
Mari Nagatsuka
Mami Ito
Sayaka Iikura

Price List

The menu without * requires additional charge as shampoo and blow. Please let ask us the details.

Shampoo Blow Short 3,000 yen
  Medium 3,500 yen
  Long 4,000 yen
Set   4,000 yen-
Cut (Shampoo Blow)*
Junior Stylist Cut 5,500 yen
Cut 6,000 yen
Top Stylist Cut 6,500 yen
M.NII Cut 7,000 yen
Perm 7,000 yen-
Treatment Perm 9,500 yen-
UV Supli Perm 11,500 yen-
Hot Perm
System Qurl 9,000 yen-
Treatment System Qurl 11,500 yen-
Straight Perm
Relax Perm 10,000 yen-
Treatment Relax Perm 12,500 yen-
UV Supli Relax Perm 14,500 yen-
Color 7,000 yen-
Treatment Color 9,500 yen-
UV Supli Color 11,500 yen-
Hair Spa
Advancement Treatment (5min.) 500 yen-
Nakano powerdict Treatment (15min.) 2,000 yen-
UV Gloss Treatment (25min.) 3,500 yen-
Head Spa
Scalp (20min.) 3,000 yen-
Scalp & Advancement (25min.) 3,500 yen-
Scalp & Linkage (35min.) 5,000 yen-
Scalp & UV Gloss (45min.) 6,500 yen-
Point Make 3,000 yen-
Full Make 6,000 yen-

Tax included

*Credit cards below are available for payment.

  • VISA
  • MasterCard

Student discount
20% OFF: Under high school students
10% OFF: Under college students (within under 22 years old)


Open Hours

Mon OFF (Please ask us)

Reservation is available only for phone call.


2-4-6 Ebisu-nishi Shibuya-Ku Tokyo JAPAN
5 minutes from JR/Tokyo Metro Ebisu Station